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Turn your speakers up (or use headphones), then click the PLAY buttons to hear each Voice Narrator

Male Voices

Female Voices

TIM - Full Range Voice Personality

AMANDA - Girl next door, Bubbly, Relatable

BILL LEE - warm, friendly, authoritative

AMY - warm, sexy, inviting, serious

BILLY ROX - Deep, Cool, Edgy

ANDREA - conversational, real, genuine

ANDY - Young, warm, passionate, high-energy

DANIELLE - upbeat, professional, soothing

CHRIS - conversational, trustworthy, youthful

DEBRA - youthful, energetic, conversational, sexy

BILL LOW - deep, smooth, warm

IRENE - mature, characters, warm & fuzzy

BRAD - warm, baritone, casual

HOLLY - warm, versatile, no accent

CRAIG - youthful, characters, distinct

DIANE - clear, articulate, mom

FRED - baritone, smooth, conversational

JAMEE - trustworthy, great range and inflection

ERIK - young, confident, commanding

JILL - friendly, intriguing, girl-next-door

AL SMITH - low resonant voice, smooth, serious

JONNA - bright, classy, corporate

GLEN - powerful, hard-hitting, fire

LIZ - sultry, confident, warm

JAN - inviting, engaging, sincere

MARCI - Bright and Energetic

JEFF - strong, polished, characters

SARA - Sassy, sexy, fun, warm

JIM - mellow, friendly, folksy, credible

SUSAN - smooth, professional, diverse

JOE - smooth, upbeat, real, low key

TANYA MAY- upbeat, caring, natural

KEN - everyman, announcer, character

TONIA KESS - Strong, corporate, natural

KEVAN RICH - passionate, persuasive


MIKE MAX - smooth, sincere, friendly

RENE NINO - SPANISH MALE - young, fresh, warm

RON - warm storyteller

MAURICIO - SPANISH MALE - gentle, charming

SCOTT - Gen X sound, mid 20s

MIGUEL - SPANISH MALE - deep, smooth, strong

TODD - Laid-Back, warm, upbeat

COLIN - BRITISH MALE - Aristocratic, sincere

AL BRONX - edgy, big, urban

JULIET - BRITISH FEMALE - warm, rich, velvety

TONY - smooth, friendly, versatile

CAROLE - BRITISH FEMALE - clear, precise

JOHN EPIC - deep, strong, authoritative


MIKE ROGER - calm, assuring, mature


KEVIN MIX - powerful, smooth, edgy attitude


NEAL - Intrique, smooth, upbeat, and crisp


REGGIE - Edgy, urban, deep, dark


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